Blondie Irish Tour Dates

Music legends Blondie are set to return to Ireland this summer playing three gigs:

  • Tuesday 22nd of June 2010 – Vicar Street Dublin (tickets priced €49.20)
  • Wednesday 23rd June 2010 – Belfast’s Nugent Hall (tickets priced £38 sterling)
  • June 24thLive at the Marquee in Cork (tickets priced €49.20)

Since they formed in 1974 Blondie have sold over 40 million records worldwide. They became famous with songs like Heart of Glass, One Way or Another, Call Me and Rapture and were noted for their eclectic sound which incorporated a number of different genres into their songs. In 1982 the band split up after the release of their sixth studio album The Hunter. After this singer Debbie Harry went on to have a successful solo career. The band reformed in 1997 and in 1999 released the single Maria, which topped charts in 14 countries.

In 2008, EMI celebrated the 30-year anniversary of Blondie’s album Parallel Lines by re-releasing the album which gave the band their first number one in the U.S charts Heart of Glass. This went on to sell over 20 million. Their recent greatest hits album The Best of Blondie achieved double platinum status after selling more than 2 million copies.

Speaking recently about the band Singer Debbie Harry rightfully sang the praises of the band’s hard work and accolades: “The guys have gotten really good at what they do. I mean, they always were good players and songwriters, but I think now you could say they’re accomplished.”


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  1. Warren Peck says:

    Very awesome writing. Honestly..

  2. Hehe I’m actually the first reply to this awesome writing!?

  3. Ann Dye says:

    If only more than 80 people could hear this.

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