Reader’s Wives Debut EP Secrecy & Sex

Readers Wives debut EP Secrecy & Sex is due for international release on November 8th on UK label 260 Degree Music. The EP is by far the grittiest collection of songs I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a dark and alluring mix of edgy lyrics with bassy melodies.

Lyrically it pulls no punches, which in fairness is quite obvious even from the names of the tracks. “Sexually Attracted To Myself” is a strange and enlightening mix of peculiar lyrics and sweet melody, which at times feels really reminiscent of The Smiths.

“Advertising Heroin” is a little more frantic. Like all their other tracks is really quite dark “too thin to even bare a child just like her dead sister”. Talking about a modern day victim of the heroin chic trend.

Secrecy & Sex is a really rare commodity. It’s a first offering from a band which really doesn’t try to play it safe. The tracks are all good in their own right and each one is different lending it an experimental but incredibly self-assured vibe.

The music industry, let’ face it, has seen better days, and the Disney flavours of the month aren’t the ones who are going to pull it out of the gutter. On their MySpace the band proclaim “No longer need you surf the internet looking at crappy stage managed bands full of girls with fake tits, guys with fake moans and truly awful, thoroughly manufactured scenester haircuts who’d do anything to have their shockwave haircuts & painted nails pictured in NME. We’re not trendy. We’re not 17. There’s only one reason this band are here. We love music. It’s like medicine to us”. They’re one of the only bands of late I’ve heard that lives up to this promise. Readers Wives is one of those rare bands that make music, rather than attain the glory of playing in a band for attention or to get famous.

They have a few gigs upcoming, definitely worth checking out

12h November @ 18:30 – Peter Parker’s Rock N Roll Club, London, U.K.

14 Nov 2009 @ 20:00 – Future London Underground,London, U.K.

21 Nov 2009 @ 20:00 – Live at Odessa, Dublin, Ireland

4 Dec 2009 @ 22:00 – Art Freckles @ The Back Loft, Dublin, Ireland

30 Jan 2010 @ 20:00 – The Square, London, UK

Listen online at


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