Break out the Nostalgia

As I’m writing this blog, among the many many arbitrary thoughts running through my brain, is The Beatles‘ song The Long and Winding Road. Why? Because it hit me right between the eyes earlier that tomorrow is potentially my last college lecture…ever! Thanks to my lack of computer skills and my general incompetence I spent most of my second last day and night in a freezing computer lab wishing I could turn back time and pick an elective I wasn’t terrible at. Now in fairness I’m usually okay at computer stuff but I’m not the most organised person in the world which I learned today is a major part of web design. Who knew? There’s nothing like going from out of control maniacal laughter to floods of tears in under ten minutes, all in all it was a proud day for strong women everywhere.

I just realised in the last week that assignments and exams aside, college is a test of endurance. I’ve had subjects in that past I didn’t like (ahem, radio) or were really challenging (*cough* media law *cough*), but part of the experience is learning that you can’ always just do the subjects you want or are good at. In many professions like journalism you will more than likely down the line end up doing a job you hate and college. In this way college prepares you for the real world in ways you don’t even know.


About Jane Ward

I’m finally getting around to updating this section. I’m a recent Journalism graduate, and love flexing my writing muscles by updating this blog. I’ve had a fair bit of work published in a number of publications including student magazines and also in the national press. This blog isn’t the most serious one in the world as you may have noticed, it’s mostly for fun but I do try and post as much serious work as I can. More recently I’ve been involved in music journalism as it’s always been a passion of mine. I’m always open to submissions so if you have a demo or anything you’d like reviewed or previewed I’ll gladly post something. Hope you enjoy the blog
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