A review of a review? How Shakespearian

Escapistmagazine.com is one of the web’s newest and most original blogging and review sites and an absolute must for anyone who dares to call themselves a ‘Gamer’. The main feature of the site is the side splitting computer game reviews by English-born, Australian-dwelling computer journalist Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw.   

The razor tongues Yahtzee delivers his weekly video game reviews in a distinctive four and a half minute non-stop monologue. Relentlessly he tears through the latest video game releases pointing out the flaws that most other reviewers are too gracious to mention. Quite often his hatred for his the Nintendo Wii, first person shooters, boy racers and           ex-girlfriends are drawn on in his maniacal ranting but they never distract him from his original goal – taking game designers down a peg or two…or three.

The videos released every Wednesday turn traditional reviewing methods on their head. He takes a bold new approach making them accessible to anyone, not just those with a prior knowledge of video games. The site also houses blogs from a number of other gaming experts who offer readers advice and opinions on everything from computers to religion. With blogs and reviews as sharp as these the games industry should be concerned. Not only do they have to worry about bad reviews, the critics are becoming more entertaining and innovative then the industry it is reviewing.


About Jane Ward

I’m finally getting around to updating this section. I’m a recent Journalism graduate, and love flexing my writing muscles by updating this blog. I’ve had a fair bit of work published in a number of publications including student magazines and also in the national press. This blog isn’t the most serious one in the world as you may have noticed, it’s mostly for fun but I do try and post as much serious work as I can. More recently I’ve been involved in music journalism as it’s always been a passion of mine. I’m always open to submissions so if you have a demo or anything you’d like reviewed or previewed I’ll gladly post something. Hope you enjoy the blog
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